In the late 1960s Patrick “Boiler” White organised the amalgamation of the various regional and sectional Bookmaking Associations into one organisation. The Irish National Bookmakers Association was established to represent, as one voice, the interests of the bookmaking industry on-course, off-course and in the greyhound sector. The largest body in the grouping was the Starting Price Turf Accountants Protection Association, founded in 1941. Also included in the merger were the Dublin Greyhound Bookmakers Association and the regional Greyhound Bookmakers.

The INBA took responsibility for negotiating a national pitch fee for Greyhound meetings, agreed the fee to be paid for the National Coursing meeting at Clonmel and represented the Racecourse bookmakers in dealings with the then Racing Board. It also standardised the pitch rules for Point-to-Points on a national basis. The INBA SP section lobbied the Government on betting matters, which mainly concerned  the high rate of Betting Duty.

By the 1990s Betting shop chains were gobbling up the independent bookmaker, leading to to a split within the SP Section of the INBA. The British-based Chains formed their own Association, the independents bookmakers founded another and only the racecourse bookmaker who had betting shops and a few loyal independents remained. With most of the latter also members of the Irish Independent Bookmakers Association, it was decided that the INBA would close its SP section and represent only the racecourse bookmakers. With Greyhound Pitch Fees now being negotiated locally the INBA only involves itself in greyhound matters when called in by the local bookmakers.

The INBA members are responsible for creating the Betting Shows and the SP returns for the off-course industry.

All racecourse and Point-to-Point  Bookmakers create employment in betting rings at all meetings. They also contribute in the region of 2million euro per annum by way of a Turnover charge, Pitch Fees, and Racecourse Registration Fees, which directly goes back into the racing industry.

The INBA is the Association that is officially recognised by the Minister of Agriculture as the body that represents Racecourse Bookmakers.